Kenvil Weldery & Machine was established by Andy Magura back in 1946 under the name of Kenvil Weldery & Radiator Works. Andy had a welding repair shop in Kenvil, NJ, and had one welding rig on the road for portable welding. He was well known for his expert ability in gas and state-of-the-art electric arc welding.
Andy served 4 years in the army during World War II, where he fought hand-to-hand combat, became a supply sergeant, and assisted in the development of the mechanism used to slow aircraft upon aircraft carrier landings. After his return from the war, Andy worked for Reaction Motors in Rockaway, NJ where he helped develop the experimental X-15 rocket engine. This engine was used in the X-15 research aircraft to study unknown flight conditions beyond the earth's atmosphere; obtaining aerodynamic heating, re-entry conditions, and other forces at 4,000 mph. Andy also went on to perform exotic welding on the 1st surveyor that landed on the moon, holding over 10 welding certifications at that time.
The official business name "Kenvil Weldery & Machine" was opened in 1980 by Gery Magura in Dover, NJ. Successful business lead to the need for expansion, and in 1996 Gery moved to a new facility he had designed and built in Ledgewood, NJ. Since that time, Gery has purchased a number of new machines and equipment, making the business extremely versatile.
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