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Specialty and exotic repairs - in our facility or on site
Radiator repairs, large aluminum core repairs, & air conditioning core repairs
Aluminum high pressure oil coiler repair & pressure test - 5' x 5' capacity
Tractor trailer fuel tank repair or modification
Heavy equipment hydraulic cylinder repairs - precision machining of rams & pistons
Heavy equipment repairs in shop or on site for excavators, bulldozers, quarry & mining equipment, rock crushers, stump grinders, well drilling equipment, septic tank trucks, & fuel trucks
Straightening and reinforcing damaged booms
Large trailer chassis repairs, 5th wheel pin repairs, tongue repairs, landing gear repairs, repairing corrosion areas
Stainless steel paint truck mixing tank repairs due to heat
Repairs on damaged aluminum car and truck rims, including welding & straightening
Repairing and restoring antique car parts
Large, heavy repairs
Extracting broken taps, drills, & other tools from holes in critical areas
Repairs on food processing equipment
All types of precision machining on most materials; interference fits, clearance fits, swage, taper, broaching, splining, threading, tapping, pressing, grinding, polishing, & knurling
Buildup and re-machining of bores, shafts, keyways, spindles, & resurfacing
Fine tig welding on any exotic alloy in shop or on site; i.e. aluminum, brass, all grades of stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, monel, inconel, all tool steels, die & mold repair
Mig welding on all types of material
Pipe welding in position
Structural steel in all positions
Brazing, silver solder, and gas welding on cast iron repairs
Prototype development; machinery development based on concept
Tool making; we send out for annealing, heat treating, & plating
Manufacturing plant hoppers, troughs, conveyors, & mixers fabricated & installed
Stainless steel mixing & holding tanks for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industry
Custom mezzanine and platforms; we design, fabricate, & install
Sheet metal stamping
Jig and fixture fabrication
Custom storage boxes for show or general use
Custom storage & holding tanks - light duty through heavy
Custom fire truck & police equipment & tools
Heavy duty trailer pintle hitches fabricated & installed on trucks
Custom truck steps & handles for show or general use
Heavy duty forklift mast fabrication, repair, & straightening
Hard surfacing on augers, excavator buckets, bulldozer blades, & conveyor buckets
Structural members fabricated & installed in buildings (I-beams)
Large, heavy fabrication
Quality control & inspection on all parts
Available for short run manufacturing
Assembly & installation services
Portable shaft turning, portable keyway milling, & portable line boring for jobs that can't be brought to our facility
Our services range from machining new drawing assemblies to repair jobs on equipment that can not be brought to our facility. We have the ability to work with light weight exotic materials all the way through armor plating. If we do not offer the services you need, we have a very large network of businesses in the area. If you're not sure - give us a call!
M-F 6 - 4:30
Sat 6 - 12
15 Kings Parkway
Ledgewood, NJ 07852
Fax: (973) 584-4041
Email: Gery@KenvilWeldery.com